Guidance on using the Course Handling System (CHS)

As a course provider you are providing content to the postgraduate course search. Prospects retain the right to edit or update your courses at our discretion to fit in with our guidelines.

Below are detailed instructions for adding or editing your courses.


Please contact if you do not have a login. Assuming you are from a bona fide postgraduate institution, you will be set up with access to the system to add and maintain your courses.

Adding a course

From the left hand navigation, select Add course.

Add course - Step 1 of 3

Course name / research programme Add the title of the course, e.g. Mathematics. Do not add the qualification in this field.

Course type Either Research or Taught – please choose carefully, because you cannot swap once a selection has been made.

Department Start typing in part of the department or faculty’s name for it to appear. If the department does not come up in the list, please contact and we will add the department for you.

Subject areas (max 10) Select up to 10 subject areas which are relevant to the course. The + symbol means that there are more specific subjects within that subject heading which can be selected.

General programme details Add as much information as possible about the course. Any lists can be structured using the bullet icons. Any text which needs to have an http link should be selected; then use the Insert/Edit link button to add the http link or mailto address. Please contact if you get stuck!

Entry requirements What the minimum requirements are for acceptance on this course. Include any specific language requirements for overseas students.

Funding Add any details for funding which is available for this course or department. Add links to where the student can find out more information about what funding, bursaries or studentships the institution offers.

Information for International students Add information which is relevant to those students applying or coming from overseas. Include a link to the International Office where there is one.

Entry start months Tick all the months when the course can start, e.g. October and January. For research degrees when the applicant can start any time, please tick all months.

Subject to approval If the course is still waiting to be approved, please tick this box. You can edit it once the course has been approved.

Named pathways Add details of any pre-courses which the student must have completed prior to this one.

New students enrolled annually Select from the drop down list how many students start the course each new intake.

Total number of enrolled students Select from the drop down list how many students are currently attending the course.

Course contact details

Name Add the name of the person or department that a potential student can contact for more information about this course.

Email Add the email address for the person or department that a potential student can contact for more information about this course.

Phone Add the phone number for the person or department that a potential student can contact for more information about this course.

Fax Add the fax number for the person or department that a potential student can contact for more information about this course.

Web address Add the URL for further information about this course from the institution’s own website.


UK students Add the amount per year for a UK student to do this course. Please update this on an annual basis.

International students Add the amount per year for an International student to do this course. Please update this on an annual basis.

Add course - Step 2 of 3

Qualifications (minimum of 1, maximum of 4)

Qualification Use the drop down list to identify what qualification the student could get after completing this course, e.g. MSc. If the qualification does not appear, select OTHER from the bottom of the list and type in the qualification in the field to the right. (This list differs depending on whether the course you are adding is a taught course or a research programme.)

Study mode and duration (1 or more duration required) For the qualification that you have added above, please add the duration in months it would take to complete the course studying on either a Full Time, Part Time, Distance Learning or Flexible mode. You can add as many as you like, but at least one must be filled in, e.g.

  • Full time duration 12
  • Distance learning duration 24-36
  • Part time duration 24-36

Leave empty any study mode which is not applicable for this course.

To add another qualification with study mode / duration for this course, use the Add another qualification button and another set of fields will be displayed. There can be a maximum of 4 qualifications that are available from one course listing, e.g. MSc, MA, PGCert, PGDip.

Further details of qualification Add any extra information relating to the qualification awarded by this institution for this course, e.g. partial exemption from professional exams.

Add a course – Step 3 of 3 for taught courses

Average taught contact hours per week If known, add how many hours are spent each week on the different forms of learning.

Assessment If known, add to each assessment method the proportion of the total assessment that this course is evaluated by.

Add a course – Step 3 of 3 for research programmes

Relative significance of research training element (%) Add the value as a percentage that research training will add to this course.

Research Excellence Framework Score Add the last (2014) REF score for the department.

Department specialisms Add the subjects that are of particular interest to the department.

To publish your course, select PUBLISH, otherwise if you still want to check it or make some changes, select SAVE AS DRAFT. Please note that all courses are subject to revision by Prospects.

Add the subjects that are of particular interest to the department. Add the last (2014) REF score for the department.

List courses

List courses

This will list all courses that have been added for this institution (including archived courses). Use the small up/down pointers by the column headings to sort courses A-Z or Z-A, or ascending/descending.

Selecting the title of the course will show you a View of that course, so all of the details that have been added. Use the Edit button to edit the course.

List courses requiring review

A course can appear in this list for 2 reasons:

  1. The course has been added by Prospects on your behalf, and therefore needs to be reviewed by you.
  2. The course has not been reviewed in over 12 months, so needs to be confirmed that all of the details are still valid and correct.

To confirm the review, simply select the course and assuming the details are all correct, use the Approve Course button.

List courses with errors

Prospects have validation checks in place to ensure all mandatory fields are filled in, and that no strange characters have appeared (as sometimes happens when using copy and paste to fill in fields).

Carefully check any course that appears in this list for missing fields or strange text. Please contact if you are having any difficulties.

Manage application methods

This lets you add URLs for where the user can apply for the courses that you have listed. You can set a default, for example if your institution has an online application system which handles all postgraduate course applications.

Or you can set a default, but then if certain courses have specific application methods, for example PGCE, or research programmes, then add the URL for those courses separately.

These URLs can include tracking links if you use them.

You can also set the applications to on/off as necessary for when courses’ applications are open/closed.

Prospects Course eXchange

If you have an XCRI-CAP feed which supplies your courses to Prospects, this is administered here. Please contact if you would like to know more about setting up a feed.


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